Park Rules

The park is managed by volunteers and none of us are going to play hall monitor to keep visitors under control. So if you see a dangerous or really troubling situation – just call 911 and ask for South Abington Police to respond. This is a rare event as park visitors are really responsible and act with courtesy. Here are a few norms to consider when at Hillside Park:

  1. Don’t smoke, drink alcohol, use drugs, bring weapons, fight, curse or be annoying to those around you.
  2. We don’t monitor or patrol the property, so be careful in the woods and near the lake and watch your kids at all times.
  3. Pets on a leash are welcome, and off-leash in the dog park’s fenced areas. You gotta pick up after your pet.
  4. When it’s dark out the park is closed with the exception of lighted sports fields or during special events.
  5. Unoccupied fields and pavilions are available for casual use. All park facilities can be rented or reserved for exclusive use.
  6. Please use the trash and recycling cans just like it’s your property – cause it is!!!
  7. PA Fish and Boat Regulations and South Abington ordinances apply.
  8. If you are having a problem, see a problem or want to avoid a problem just call 911 and ask dispatch to send South Abington Police.

If you have a comment or suggestion please contact us HERE