Playground Pavilion

The Playground Pavilion is available for you to reserve for your next family or civic function. We offer you the ease of hosting a party at the park while taking advantage of the boundless playground and soccer field right next to this pavilion; along with other park features such as the turf soccer field; the softball fields at the bottom of the park; bird and animal watching; hiking and nature trails and a dog park. We have handicapped-accessible parking and picnic tables. You can expect to have your crowd of friends or family relax under the pavilion while the kids burn off some energy at the playground or on Stroney Field right next to the pavilion. Just go to this ready-made event setting and enjoy!

Unfortunately, there is NO electricity or potable water service in proximity to the Playground Pavilion (yet).  Bathrooms are in proximity to the pavilion. Maximum capacity around the pavilion is 50 people.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. No phone reservations will be accepted (on-line booking ONLY).
  2. Bookings are accepted on a first come first served basis and are only final after payment is received (on-line).
  3. Permit will be granted on the condition that the permittee not interfere with the general use of the park by the public.
  4. The Permit is for non-commercial PAVILION rental only.
  5. Vehicles are not permitted on grass, fields and park walkways at any time.
  6. Swimming in the lake prohibited.
  7. There is NO potable water or electricity service at the pavilion.
  8. Gas and charcoal grills are allowed, but not provided.
  9. Alcohol is not allowed.
  10. No cancellations or refunds are given.


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Terms and Conditions:
By clicking “send” for this booking I understand and agree that by applying for this permit I am responsible for the conduct of the attendees, and that any violations of the rules and conditions of issuance of the permit by any attendee may result in the immediate cancellation of this permit. I agree to abide by the rules and agree to be financially responsible for any costs and fees that may be incurred by or on behalf of the event to the Abington Area Joint Recreation Board. I also understand that acceptance of the booking should in no way be construed as a final approval/confirmation of this request. Payment must be processed before the booking will be approved.

Payment (next screen after clicking “Send”) must be processed within 30-minutes or the booking will automatically be canceled.

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