Photo Credit: Yvette Collins Photo Credit: Yvette Collins

Welcome to Hillside Park and the AAJRB!

This volunteer-managed park is supported by Clarks Green, Clarks Summit, Glenburn, South Abington & Waverly municipal governments with support from Lackawanna County, state and private grants, personal donations and hundreds of volunteers. Learn more about the Abington Area Joint Recreation Board and its history on our About page. Get directions, attend a meeting, or contact us.



    Learn all you need to know about the Abington Area Joint Recreation Board, its history, and the parks and activities we offer. Visit the About page for more information.


    The Parks

    The Abington Area Joint Recreation Board (AAJRB) manages a multi-municipal park, and collaborates with different parks, sports facilities, and organizations in the Abington area and region.

    Discover more in our Parks section.


    Community Events

    Park and sports events are at the heart of any community. We love to see families brought together to enjoy the different activities we offer. Check out our Events Calendar to see what’s next!

    This park is unlike anything you have ever come across – it is designed, managed and maintained by volunteers. Not a municipality or government agency. So it reflects the interests and energy of the people who get involved.  Get Started on our Volunteers page today!


Donate what you can to help

Your tax-free donation goes a long way toward supporting the parks and activities your family have come to love!



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